ENERGY STAR® Program Services

The EPA ENERGY STAR program offers a proven strategy for superior energy management with tools and resources to help each step of the way. Based on the successful practices of ENERGY STAR partners, the ENERGY STAR Program Guidelines for Energy Management can assist you by improving your energy and financial performance while distinguishing your brand as an environmental leader. A thoughtful approach to participating in the ENERGY STAR program will ensure that you get the most possible benefit, and we can make sure that happens.

Energy Star Award 2022 Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence

Burton Energy Group has significant experience working with our national account clients in the design of their ENERGY STAR programs, and in assisting them through execution. Our unique approach is to use the ENERGY STAR program to identify ways to reduce consumption and cost in your portfolio, and to generate measurable and sustainable savings. The typical steps involved in execution of the program and the services which we provide to our clients include:

  1. Gathering data to accurately populate ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® to calculate individual ENERGY STAR scores for each building location.
  2. We can help you gather all the necessary energy and building attribute data regardless of where it is located in your business.

  3. Entering the data accurately and consistently to derive true ENERGY STAR scores.
  4. While this in theory should be a “science,” there in fact is often the need for “art” to make sure the scores are properly calculated.

  5. Conducting periodic updates to Portfolio Manager to re-calculate scores.
  6. The ENERGY STAR score is based upon a rolling 12 month average of utility consumption data and the only way to have scores updated to reflect improved performance is to refresh them periodically.

  7. Identifying sites that qualify for ENERGY STAR certification.
  8. Buildings with scores of 75 and above are eligible to be ENERGY STAR certified. We offer low cost approaches to managing this process for our clients, from site-level P.E. visits and verification, to management and oversight of a high-volume certification program.

  9. Pursuing EPA ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year
  10. This prestigious award is granted annually to a limited number of firms. Having a strategic plan to obtain this status is critical from the beginning.

  11. Fully leveraging the marketing benefits of ENERGY STAR.
  12. Each step of the ENERGY STAR journey and its benefits should be communicated to all of your stakeholders.

  13. Expanding beyond ENERGY STAR into the USGBC’s LEED® certification program.
  14. A minimum ENERGY STAR score is a requirement for achieving LEED certification.

Burton provides detailed ENERGY STAR Performance Reporting to our clients. This report is an integrated assessment, tracking, and benchmarking tool that will evaluate all aspects of your ENERGY STAR program. This report tracks and communicates ENERGY STAR scores and the percent improvement in overall energy intensity on a periodic basis, and provides the resulting financial impact of these improvements.

In 2014, Burton Energy Group certified 201 ENERGY STAR buildings becoming an “Elite” Member of Certification Nation (top 5). In 2022, Burton Energy Group received recognition as a Premier Member from the Environmental Protection Agency as part of the 2022 Certification Nation campaign.