Energy and Water Audits

Burton conducts comprehensive energy and water audits on behalf of our clients. We work in concert with facility personnel and report our observations and recommendations for energy and water efficiency improvements. We document our findings in the form of a detailed report, capturing more efficient process and equipment ideas at the facility, as well as applicable rebates via the local utility. These recommendations are divided into categories (i.e., Lighting, HVAC, etc.) and may include low and no cost operational and capital improvements. Capital projects are segmented and prioritized based on return on investment.

In addition to laying the groundwork for substantial energy savings and incentives, Burton’s energy engineering team can also conduct audits that will allow a facility to meet its energy audit requirements that are in effect for several cities throughout the country. The ordinances for several large cities also require large and medium-sized buildings to complete an ASHRAE Level II energy audit, building tune-up, retro-commissioning, or similar service every few years. Burton understands the complexities of these utility mandated assessments and can advise on audit due dates, exemptions, and extensions. Burton engineers have the necessary years of required experience and possess a recognized license or accreditation to perform audits to meet the various energy assessment requirements for most cities, and we will complete all aspects of filing to fully meet each city’s specific ordinance requirements.

Our energy audits typically include a comprehensive energy balance which allocates site energy consumption by end use:

Our energy audits also typically include an energy usage summary section which provides a detailed review of the rates and energy profiles for all major utilities and recommended energy and water conservation measures.

The following are some of the common findings and best practices that are typically identified from energy audits:

Burton also provides project management services to identify qualified equipment manufacturers and installation contractors, develop implementation timelines, obtain utility rebates, and measure and verify post-installation savings.