Rebate Administration Services

Many utilities offer rebates for their customers to invest in energy efficiency. The utilities charge customers in specific rate classes a bill adjustment factor each month to collect the fees necessary to provide rebates and to cover rebate program administration. Large energy consumers with national footprints are wise to participate in these programs because quite simply if they don’t participate, they lose since rebates can help shorten the return on investment and add to the bottom line. However, participating in rebate programs can be time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating. Utility companies make it challenging due to:

Burton Energy Group helps our clients successfully manage these utility rebate complications. We identify and quantify rebate opportunities, contact the utilities and their administrators, and fill out and submit application forms. We follow up on those applications, arrange pre-inspection tours, obtain funding approval letters, coordinate post-inspection tours, and submit requests for final rebates. And we do this for a reasonable fee, often as part of our energy audit or project management services, so that our clients can keep their entire rebate checks.