Renewable Energy

Burton can help you with your carbon footprint and sustainability goals whether your company is established with public disclosures and ready for the next level of goals or wondering what carbon inventory and ESG is all about and overwhelmed with getting started. Once you have established a goal, Burton brings years of experience helping national companies identify and implement energy and water reduction programs across their portfolio along with an understanding of renewable energy strategies that can take you to the next level.

Carbon Accounting

Burton Energy Group helps measure, track, and achieve sustainability goals for our clients. We start with applying the same rigor to carbon accounting that we do to energy programs. Using the same philosophy that we use for energy programs for carbon, attention to detail and careful calculations using both eGrid and utility specific market factors allows a comprehensive view of your scope 1 and 2 emissions for reporting, internal decisions, or public disclosures.

All calculations and reports are transparent and documented to support auditing and future reference for analyzing trends in future years. If capital projects or specific decisions have been made to impact carbon inventory, then the documentation of that and tracking will aid in future years and decision making on future projects. Having these carbon levers well understood allows quicker decisions to be made moving forward and how they will impact the carbon footprint of the overall company.

Setting Goals

Setting goals and identifying the strategies to achieve those goals is a core part of our consulting services. For companies in growth mode, finding the right metrics that to normalize your carbon output for your business drivers will allow you to establish meaningful, impactful, science-based goals and chart your progress towards them.

Executing Reduction Strategies

Identifying projects and executing them to reduce energy usage, carbon footprint, and costs are a core competency for Burton. We have experience not only identifying realistic ways to change the usage, carbon, and costs, but also can assist with the direct execution of these projects and at a pace and ROI that is compatible with your corporate strategy.

Renewable Energy

Through the integration of our consulting, energy engineering, and supply management practices, Burton brings a solid understanding of the fundamentals to evaluate specific onsite, community, and large scale offsite renewable energy opportunities for your corporation. If you are looking to move more aggressively to achieve a science-based or net zero carbon reduction target, Burton has experience to help you choose the right renewable energy broker or developer that fits your corporate culture to help you navigate the complexities of this rapidly emerging market.

Getting Started?

If you are behind in getting started with starting an ESG or sustainability program, reach out to us to assess what data needs to be collected and how you can get started. Most companies do not achieve everything in their first year establishing such a program. We can assist with defining the program, determining where your company is relative to your peers, and what to focus on for future years. Carbon doesn’t have to negatively impact your operating costs; in fact it can re-focus your capital programs and improve your client and investor relations all while saving you money.